Active Projects

ARL The Signatures of Success

This project discovers the signatures of success in human-agent teams using advances in event network Analysis.

ARL TeamWear

Testing viability and fidelity of using devices developed by the John Rogers lab to capture human interaction data.


A transformative research program breaking new ground in how MTSs are conceptualized and studied.

NSF Safe Bets & Risky Propositions

Helping policymakers make investments in science that move from “high risk high payoff” to “safe(r) bets high payoff.”

Isolation and Social Media

Studying astronauts and space analog participants, with a novel focus on their social media prior to and after isolation.

NASA Team Cognition

Among the significant team challenges NASA will face on future missions is the need to maintain shared mental models.

NASA Team Task Switching

One significant challenge in human space exploration is the complexity of the operating environment for astronauts.

NASA Crew Recommender System

Exploring composition and function of space crews as the largest leverage point for mitigating the team risk.

NASA Crew Interpersonal Relations

How composition affects teams that operate in extreme environments like the crews of future LDSEM.


Teams play an increasingly dominant role relative to solo scientists in medical practice, medical [...]

Project Archives

NSF Collaborative Infrastructure

Organizations are restructuring into collaborative systems in order to address complex problems by [...]

NSF RCN Computational Social Science

Rapid advances in digitally-enabled communications have given rise to a new organizational form - [...]

ARI Multiteam Networks

Multi-team systems are prevalent in military organizations. Working in multi-team systems (MTS) requires Soldiers [...]

ARO Team Assembly Networks

The science of teams has not yet provided satisfactory answers to two fundamental questions. [...]

NSF Innovate Against Time

Many of the most urgent, important, and complex problems facing society today require [...]

NSF Designing for Innovation

Urgent, important, and complex societal problems require large groups of scientists. Scientific collectives are [...]


 The major goal of this project is to better understand leadership in virtual organizations. [...]