4/6/2024 NU Florence summer 23’ alumni and 24’ students meet at the Program’s 2024 pre-departure Meet & Greet! Follow them @nufirenze

8/7/2023 83rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston, MA: Professor Leslie DeChurch, Postdoctoral Scholar Anoop Javalagi, and undergraduate students Kim Nguyen (class of 2024) and Karly Murphy (class of 2023) receive Sage Award for the best management history paper on leadership for their paper titled: Leadership and the Italian Renaissance (1360-1503). Congratulations!

8/7/2023 83rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston, MA: Professor Leslie DeChurch, Postdoctoral Scholar Anoop Javalagi, and undergraduate students Kim Nguyen (class of 2024) and Karly Murphy (class of 2023) receive the Best Paper Award for their paper titled: Leadership and the Italian Renaissance (1360-1503). Congratulations!

6/20/2023 Benvenuti a Firenze @northwesternu ! The inaugural class of Leading a Renaissance has arrived! @northwestern_abroad @nufirenze

1/27/2020 Another year has passed, and we are looking forward to start the new decade by presenting our latest work at the NASA Investigators Workshop next week in Galveston Island, TX! Click here for a List of Sessions.

3/24/2019 SIRIUS are you there? at 05:30 CST we link up live with the crew for Project RED: designing a water infrastructure on the red planet.

3/19/2019 Hey this is SIRIUS! Hatch just closed on 6 brave explorers who will spend the next 120 days isolated and confined together.

3/15/2019 Good morning Moscow! T – 4 days to liftoff, working with IBMP to train the crew of SIRIUS ’19.

3/11/2019 Welcome to the team! ATLAS warmly welcomes Aoife De Brun for a Fullbright stay at Northwestern.

3/9/2019 Discovering the hidden rules of informal leadership. Presenting new findings at PHRRG 2019, University of Florida.

2/22/2019 On-air interview with CBC radio: Listen here

2/19/2019 ATLAS and SONIC Labs featured in press coverage for Mars mission research. Details here

2/17/2019 Press briefing at AAAS in Washington, DC. See the highlights!

1/2/2019 ATLAS members looking forward to presenting our work at the 2019 NASA HRP IWS Conference in Galveston, Texas on January 22-25, 2019. Details here: IWS 2019 Presentations.

11/10/2018 Join us at the 104th annual NCA convention in Salt Lake City, Utah; we will share our latest research on the team cognition-team performance relationship!

10/1/2018 What might happen to teamwork on the journey to Mars? Sharing our latest findings at the 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany. https://bit.ly/2Q5bIaX

9/7/2018 Its a match! Understanding teammate attraction using MyDreamTeam. Presenting at the International Workshop on Teamworking (IWOT) in Leiden, Netherlands.

9/5/2018 Sharing the latest findings on crew information exchange in isolation with our IBMP collaborators in Moscow, Russia.

7/18-21/2018 From startups to space teams, it’s been a busy year at ATLAS! Join us at the 13th Annual INGRoup Conference in Bethesda, MD. Our presentations: https://bit.ly/2JTHmWs

6/25/2018 Social networking to Mars – SONIC and ATLAS members will present two papers at the upcoming Sunbelt conference on June 26 – July 1st in Utrecht, Netherlands. Details here.

6/18/2018 Join us at AoM for a PDW featuring the latest “Innovations in Teaching Teamwork” – Friday, Aug 10 from 8-10:30am at Sheraton Grand Chicago in Erie. Sponsored by OB, MED, OCIS, & CM.

2/8/2018 ATLAS is hosting a Teams Research Incubator for doctoral students and junior faculty, in Evanston, IL on March 16-18. Register to attend here: http://bit.ly/2H1FBWa.

2/5/2018 How do you lead a crew on a mission to Mars? ATLAS affiliate Jessica Mesmer-Magnus will be presenting the latest findings from our NASA work at the 3rd Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium, to be held May 10-12th in Chania, Greece.

2/5/2018 What went wrong in NASA’s Skylab mission? And how can we design the communication system needed for a Mars mission? Come to our sessions at the 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, to be held May 24-28 in Prague, the Czech Republic to find out! Click here for Session Information.

1/15/2018 “Gateway to Mars” – Looking forward to presenting our latest work at the NASA Investigators Workshop next week in Galveston Island, TX, Click here for a List of Sessions.

1/10/2018 ATLAS members looking forward to presenting our work at SIOP 2018 in Chicago! Click here for a List of Sessions.

11/1/2017 INGRoup is now accepting submissions for the 2018 conference in Bethesda, MD. The submission deadline is Thursday, February 1, 2018 (11:59 p.m. EST).

10/30/2017 Leslie DeChurch & Ashley Niler visiting HEC Montreal for a symposium on “Teaming Inside & Out” hosted by Jean-Francois Harvey & Amy Edmondson – their book on Extreme Teaming is out!

10/20/2017 Looking for an interesting new way to teach leaders how to foster information sharing? Contact us for instructional materials!

10/17/2017 DeChurch visiting ESSEC, Paris for a symposium.

10/11/2017 DeChurch presenting in National Academy of Sciences Workshop on Advances in Network Thinking. Follow the link to see the presentation slides.

9/1/2017 Deep Space Northwestern: Read the feature story.

8/5/2017 ATLAS alum Dorothy Carter wins the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award for the dissertation that makes an outstanding contribution to the field of leadership.

8/4-8/2017 ATLAS presenting findings on leadership and shared cognition in space crews at AoM 2017 – Session #1012 on Monday, 9:45-11:15 am Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

7/31/2017 Some great advice from my mentor Michelle Marks on the importance of negotiating your salary http://bit.ly/2vfGZB7.

7/24/2017 ATLAS lab in Houston training the crew of HERA C4M2 https://atlas.northwestern.edu/photo-gallery/.

7/20 – 7/22/2017 Lindsay Larson and Ashley Niler are presenting at the 12th Annual INGRoup Conference in Saint Louis, Missouri. Learn more here. Leslie DeChurch is President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

7/12/2017 Leslie DeChurch attending the IC2S2 conference in Cologne, Germany.

5/31/2017 So excited for ATLAS alum Dorothy Carter who’s Project FUSION was selected to support multi-team systems for the Mars Mission:  https://go.nasa.gov/2sfYai4. This dream team includes Northwestern’s ATLAS (Leslie DeChurch) and SONIC (Noshir Contractor) labs, along with team effectiveness gurus Marissa Shuffler, Shawn Burke, & Steve Zaccaro. Learn more about Professor Carter’s LINC Lab here: http://bit.ly/2rldOHJ

5/30/2017 Leslie DeChurch presented NASA work with collaborators Michael Schulz & Noshir Contractor at the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute Mars Mission Social Sciences Workshop, Kennedy Space Center: http://bit.ly/2sxxexD

5/19/2017 presenting our work on team cognition at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) Congress in Dublin, Ireland. http://www.eawop2017.org/

5/5/2017 sharing our NSF CAREER findings at the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium in Mykonos, Greece. http://osofficer.wixsite.com/leadership-symposium

4/26/2017 presenting the latest on space teams and science teams at the Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference in Orlando, FL. http://www.siop.org/conferences/17con/

4/25/2017 developing collaborative leadership capacity with next gen leaders in the MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program at Northwestern. https://creative.northwestern.edu/

4/21/2017 training the next HERA crew at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Over the next 45 days, the 4-member crew will live and work in isolation and confinement while our research team tracks their ability to work together and collaborate with a remote mission control. https://www.nasa.gov/analogs/hera

3/17/2017 presenting our latest NASA findings on semantic markers of team cognition and leadership at ANN SONIC’s Wisdom in Networks Workshop, Los Angeles, CA. http://bit.ly/2oLxYtv

2/3/2017 discussing our work on team cognition at the Organization Science Winter Conference in Park City, UT. http://bit.ly/2q5c715

1/23-26/2017 presenting the latest science on teams in space at the NASA Investigators Workshop, Houston, TX. http://bit.ly/2jgtl7U

9/16/2014 How social networks can turn basic science into public benefit. https://b.gatech.edu/2JJCQh0

3/30/2009 Chatty meetings are killing us, sir. https://tgam.ca/2MAnqJT