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Read about Raquel’s trip to France to meet with our collaborators!

When I began graduate school, I didn’t expect that I’d have the opportunity to participate in research spanning two continents and multiple universities. But, thanks to a fascinating project, funded by the National Science Foundation’s “Science of Science and Innovation Policy” program, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with students and faculty at multiple universities [...]

Read about Dorothy’s trip to France to meet with our collaborators!

The “Innovate Against Time” grant is focused on identifying the antecedents of successful collaboration (e.g., leadership, communication, MTS emergent states) within globally distributed multiteam systems. We are currently in our second semester of data collection. This semester’s multiteam systems are comprised of three globally distributed teams: a) one team of business students from the Grenoble [...]

Read about Amy’s trip to China to meet with our collaborators!

Over Summer 2014, Amy Wax received NSF funding for the opportunity to work on a project involving the study of teams through the popular online multiplayer game Dragonquest. The link below shows Amy and her travels through China as she helped coordinate efforts to analyze the big data produced by the game. Click here to [...]