Decoding dream teams.
The ATLAS lab at Northwestern is uncovering the inner workings of teams, and enabling the design of large, diverse, digitally-connected teams on Earth and beyond.

Leslie DeChurch is Professor of Communication Studies, and leads the Northwestern ATLAS lab, Her current work explores the dynamics through which teams form, and how these dynamics affect their performance as teams, and their ability to work as larger organizational systems (multiteam systems). Her current research seeks to build high-functioning teams that work in scientific innovation, space exploration, healthcare, and the military.

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 Lab News

8/4-8/2017 ATLAS presenting findings on leadership and shared cognition in space crews at AoM 2017 – Session #1012 on Monday, 9:45-11:15 am Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

7/31/2017 Some great advice from my mentor Michelle Marks on the importance of negotiating your salary

7/24/2017 ATLAS lab in Houston training the crew of HERA C4M2

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