ATLAS PhD Students

 Lindsay Larson

PhD student in Media, Technology, & Society. Graduation (expected) May 2021. Research interests include: leadership issues in organizational teams and multiteam systems, specifically leadership emergence and language in multiteam systems and intergroup leadership and identity. Personal interests/hobbies include: exercising, being outdoors (in nice weather), playing with puppies, and eating good food.

Alexa Harris

PhD student in Media, Technology, & Society. Graduation (expected) May 2022. Research interests include: intelligent agents embedded in human teams, human-computer interaction, computer mediated communication, and how goal oriented teams leverage communication technology. Personal interests/hobbies include: running, painting, and video games.

Valerie Gruest Slowing

PhD student in Media, Technology, & Society. Research interests include: teams and leadership, specifically how teams function effectively in a multiteam system setting to understand the different ways teams can collectively lead themselves; also concerned with the correlation between decentralized team processes and performance. Personal interests/hobbies include: painting, traveling, and paddleboarding.