Undergraduate Research Team

Lucy Rubin

Hey I am Lucy! I am in the class of 2026 and am majoring in History with a minor in Business Institutions. I am from Jupiter, Florida. Outside of school, I love to read, spend time with my young cousins, and cheer on my brothers at their Baseball and Basketball games. I am excited to join ATLAS to learn more about leadership and help contribute to an exciting research project!

Aidan Einhorn

Aidan Einhorn is a sophomore Neuroscience and Psychology major working on meta-analysis for virtual teams research at ATLAS Labs. While not in the lab or studying, you can find him singing with his acapella group Freshman Fifteen or performing in various musicals on campus! 

Luna Xu

Luna, class of 2026, is majoring in Psychology and Data Science with a Segal Design Certificate. She is from Shanghai, China and enjoys to cook, play volleyball and try to sing and play guitar. She is interested in the topic of team dynamics and wish to learn more about the career paths in organizational psychology.

Kyra Doherty

Kyra, class of 2027, is majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Data Science. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and loves to listen to music, run on the lake fill, and read. On campus, she is involved with Camp Kesem and the club field hockey team.

Jonathan Wu

Jonathan, class of 2026, is majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Data Science + Engineering. He is from Naperville and enjoys watching sports and working out. He is excited to work in research applying quantitative methods to social sciences and team organization.

Eva Offutt

Eva, class of 2024, is majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Psychology, with a minor in Data Science. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and loves to read, cheer on the Milwaukee Bucks, and try out new restaurants in the Chicago area. Eva hopes to get her doctorate in audiology and become a clinical audiologist. In the meantime, she is excited to contribute to ATLAS’s exciting and innovative research.

Jay Jeon

Jay, School of Communications Class of 2026, is double majoring in Communication Studies and Economics. She is from Seoul, Korea. ATLAS was one of the main reasons she decided to apply to Northwestern and she is thrilled to learn about quantitative research methods and academic approaches to leadership and team management. On campus, she is involved in various student theatre productions: The Dolphin Show, Waa-Mu, Freshman Musical, and WAVE Productions.

Kim Nguyen

Kim, McCormick class of 2024, is majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences. She is from Vietnam. Apart from her engineering courses and projects, Kim joins ATLAB to learn more about teamwork in space explorer teams and seek inspiration for her future works. She enjoys playing basketball, photography, reading and is currently working on her autobiographical fiction.

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